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Custom Brilliant Necklaces 
Go Green. Recycle your old jewelry! ♻️ It's time to round up those items that are far too special to be tucked away in a jewelry box. Unique, sentimental and full of individuality, Jen Boaz's "Brilliant"™ necklaces give new life to the old brooches, charms, watches, rings, bracelets, & earrings you love, but no longer wear. The result: a one-of-a-kind treasure that lets your most meaningful items lie close to your heart where they belong.
How Brilliant!™ 

Here's how to get started:
  •  Gather charms, securely package them and mail to Jen Boaz Jewelry 675 North Highland Ave 
  •  Include a note with your contact information and any special instructions.
  • Specify Sterling Silver chain ($300.00) or a 14KT Gold-Filled chain ($350.00) (tax and shipping not included)
  • Send an email to once your gems have been shipped so we can be on the lookout for your package.
  • Contact Jen via email to arrange a time to deliver your items in person.
Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I mix silver, gold, costume and real jewelry with different shapes, sizes, colors and stones?
Yes, this is highly recommended! The more variety, the more interesting. Take a look at some of these examples for inspiration
2. How many items can I use on my necklace? As many as you would like! There are no guidelines or rules. No minimum or maximum amount.
If a piece doesn’t work, Jen will send it back to you with your completed necklace. If you are lacking in charms, Jen will combine her artistic touch and personal collection of embellishments to create an original piece you will be proud to wear.
3. What if I don’t have a personal stock of charms?
Simply email Jen at and tell her about yourself, your interests, your birthstone, and some of the things that are important to you. She will then use her stock of charms to create a necklace that reflects your individuality. (additional $10 charge for charms).
4. Is the necklace heavy? It depends on your items. Jen will use her discretion when it comes to the weight of your necklace.
5. How long and thick is the chain? The chain is approximately 27 inches long and is very sturdy. It will hang about an inch above your belly button. Please specify if you prefer different length.
6. What if my jewelry is tarnished and tangled? Jen will polish it and untangle it for you.
Jen Boaz is not responsible for damage to or loss of items provided by the client during shipment, necklace creation, or following delivery of final product. Shipping insurance is highly recommended. Check out some examples below.





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